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2015-03-31 Working for You


My Dear People of Cameron Parish,

       We sent our first annual news letter to you not long ago just before the Holidays. In case you did not receive it, I just wanted to mention a few things about how we have been at work for you.

     To better serve you as professionals and to meet state training requirements we have obtained 5,444 training hours in the year 2014.For instance some of this training consisted of 1,340 hrs. of continuing education hours over 600 hours for our Deputies to serve in the schools as School Resource and DARE Officers, 3,300 hours of Academy training ,plus many hours of firearm, Taser, computer forensics, and field training officer training. We have employed a training officer who is also heading up a field training officer program to achieve even better case handling consistency.

     We continue with the Drug Resistance Education Program encouraging our youth to be involved in positive alternative activities and to make good choices for themselves, their families and communities.

We have worked with Cameron Parish School Board and implemented a school resource program having a SRO certified officer in each school to help keep our children safe but also to help the faculty and staff with their needs should a law enforcement issue arise. This shows the kids we are there to help them and they develop good relationships with law enforcement personnel.

     We have made 109 drug arrest; some from Narcotics covert operations and also many from traffic stops. Just as I have promised this training for our patrolmen we have delivered and they are practicing good detection and search and seizure practices. We have a good working relationship and open communications with the District Attorney’s Office so we can give them what they need in order to prosecute or move forward with the case in the best way possible in the interest of the Parish.

We have worked with the Police Jury to develop the Litter Program in which a Commissioned Deputy is out with trustees going all around the Parish picking up trash along the roadway. This gives us a cleaner Parish in which to live.

     These are just some of the things we are doing to better serve you. This is your Sheriff’s Department. We are working for you and running it in a way we can all be proud of. Many of you have called with your needs and we answer those calls and monitor them to make sure your needs are taken care of. I am a Sheriff that works for you in the office and in the field. You can come see me or call me. I will go to you whenever you need me to.

     We have a department we are proud of. A big reason for that is because of you, the citizens. I have asked that you get involved and become a part of the Sheriff’s Department working with us, and you have responded as you always, have by helping and providing us with information. I thank you so much for that.

   With all entities and the public working toward the same goal we can keep Cameron Parish as a Crown Jewel in Louisiana.

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