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The Cameron Parish Jail:

Contact Numbers:

Jail Direct Line:  337-775-2125 

Sheriff's Office Main:  337-775-5111 or 800-440-5111

Warden French's Office:  337-775-2127

The Jail is located inside of the Cameron Parish Law Enforcement Complex. The jail can hold up to 88 inmates; up to 16 women; 26 men(max), 20 men(min) 8 Juveniles, 4 med, 2 Isolation blocks (holds 2 each) , and 10 holding cells.



Warden David French 

Chelsie Skero, Assistant Warden



Male Correctional Officers:

Jessie Richard, Cole Castile, Joseph Griffin, BJ Labove and Gavin Faulk

Female Correctional Officers:

Tanya Doxey, Karrie Baccigalopi, Kara Wigley and Jan Lalande

Transport Officer:

Russell Domingue

Litter Abatement Officer:

Brandon Clark



There are three ways to post a bond for someone in jail:

  1. PROPERTY BOND: When posting a property bond. You must go to the Tax Assessor Office and get a description of the property you will be using to post the bond, you also need to tell them the amount of the bond. That way they will know if you have enough property to cover the bond. Once you get that paper work, you need to bring it to the Clerk of Courts Office they can check the property for any judgments on the property. Once these 2 steps have been completed, bring the paper work to the Jail.
  2. CASH BOND: When posting a cash bond you must put up the whole amount of the bond in cash.
  3. SURETY BOND: Is when a bondsman post the bond to get the inmate out of jail. You have to pay the bondsman 12% of the bond amount, plus any of fees they charge.

All bonds have a $30.00 fee to cover the paper work.


  • Tuesday and Friday from 10am to 3pm.
  • Each inmate is allowed up to 2 visits on each visitation day.
  • No cell phone, purses, or hand bags are allowed back in the visitation area. Please lock all your personal property up in your vehicle.
  • No suggestive clothing shall be worn when visiting inmates.
  • All visitors will be scanned via metal detector before allowed into visitation area. 
  • Must have form of ID.

Correctional Officer has to bring the inmates down for their visits.


     When an inmate first arrives in this facility, they have 4 days to have the following listed items brought to them after they are booked into the Cameron Jail


  • 3 pair of white socks
  • 3 pair of boxers
  • 3 white t-shirts


  • 3 pair of underwear
  • 3 white t-shirts
  • 3 pair of white socks


     Cameron Jail will provide soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, razors, towels and wash cloths upon booking. Inmates are then allowed to order any other approved items they may want or need off of commissary. 

     Inmates are allowed to have money put into their commissary account. It must be the form of a money order made out to the inmate. Cash is not accepted. Commissary orders goes out each Wednesday morning at 9am. Money must be posted to the Inmates account by 8am each Wednesday morning.



Inmates are allowed to receive mail while in jail. All mail must be send to Post Office Box 1250 Cameron, LA 70631.

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