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Cameron Parish Sheriff's Office and Cameron Parish Police Jury are discouraging people from going to the beaches because the stay at home order is still in effect. It is not essential to go to the beaches. This is for public safety. There are so many people on the beach social distancing is hard to practice. Stay Home means stay home. You can go out if need be. This is for the safety of you and your family.

We have issued 53 citations and 23 misdemeanor summons and made 5 arrest over the weekend. The problems we are seeing in Cameron parish these past weekends are speeders, running stop signs , D.W.I. Possession of drugs and littering.

We would love to have you come to Cameron Parish when this is over just not now. Some of my constituents are asking why I don't close the beach. Please understand the governing body of the Parish is the Police Jury. The Sheriff has no authority to close a particular part of the Parish. He does the enforcing of that closure if it is so ordered though. The Governor of the state can also close the beaches.

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