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Dearest People of Cameron Parish,


All of hearts are crying in the wake of these senseless murders that occurred in Baton Rouge. Sadly, these incidents are happening at an alarming rate across this country. However, when this violence occurs in our own home state, it makes us all realize that it is happening here. The horrible incidents in Baton Rouge are not the first to happen in Louisiana, there have been several in just the last four years I have been in office as your Sheriff.

It also saddens me to say Cameron Parish is not immune to the possibility of such an adjust taking of life. This is the world we live in, therefore the threat of an incident like this happening in Cameron Parish is real  and absolutely possible. Since taking office as your Sheriff, my team and I have increased the level of training and awareness dramatically, this training will help our deputies to be alert and respond to such incidents should they occur.

I am also asking for the Citizens and Visitors of Cameron Parish for your help. I am asking for you to continue working with us. You are vital part of the success of the Sheriff's Office. I ask you continue to report anything that may seem strange or out of the ordinary, let us know what you see and hear. As you know there are thousands of construction workers in our parish, most of these people are honest hard working people like us but with any progress there is always an opportunity for the misguided to take advantage. we have to be vigilant of these misguided people, and make sure they don't have the ability to carry out their plans in our communities.

I am asking for your continued prayers for all the victims of these senseless crimes, and their families and coworkers. I also ask for your prayers for myself and the employees. We need you. Thank you so much for being Cameron Parish.



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